Raspberry Pi Cellular Adapter



The expansion card adds a 4G modem to the popular mini PC for wireless communication via  cellular network. You can send and receive data wirelessly with your Raspberry Pi in real-time:

Communicate anywhere in the world, anytime. The extension board is simply plugged onto the GPIOs of the Raspberry Pi. The RPI Expansion has a SIM card holder and is ready for immediate use.


Technical Details


Fallback Fallback 2G & 3G
Antennae GSC, U.fl
Operating Temperatur -40°C to +85°C
Download HSPA+: 42.0 Mbps, LTE: 100 Mbps
Wireless Technologies 4G, Fallback 2G & 3G
Family Format Raspberry PI
Frequencies (MHz) 1800(B3), 2100(B1), 2600(B7), 800(B20), 900(B8)
Housing none
Height (mm) 16
Category Expansion Card RPI
Dimensions (mm) 84x55
Microcontroller Microchip PIC18F25K20
Module LE910-EU-V2
Installation LGA
Product Family Raspberry PI
Interfaces Extension Connectors, ISM, RF
Power Supply
5-28V DC
Upload HSPA+: 5.76 Mbps, LTE: 50 Mbps
Availability EMEA
Voice/Data/SIM Data
Certification CE, FCC, IC
Additional Interfaces UART



Nano SIM Card Holder
Style: Push-Pull

Type: Nano SIM Card
Amount of Contacts: 6
Height: 1,35 mm


Telit xE910 Modul
28,2 x 28,2 mm
4G LTE, 3G & 2G
analog + digital
several I/Os

optional GNSS


USB 2.0 Connector
500 mA (2.5W)




Plug the Raspberry Pi expansion card into the top of the 40 pin connector of the Raspberry Pi. Now your expansion card is powered by your Raspberry Pi and connected. Special drivers are not needed because the expansion card uses the standard tty drivers.

To turn on the expansion card, the GPIO20 pin on the Raspberry Pi should be switched high. An easy way to do this is to use the Python shell.

You can download the Python script here.  Download script

If you connect your AarLogic Raspberry PI Extension Card to a USB cable or swivel, you can also use ttyUSB3 as the connection. This is recommended if you need a faster connection for 4G and 3G modules.



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