Telit IoT Starter SIM
Telit IoT Starter SIM

Telit IoT Starter SIM

Automatic roaming into strongest network

  • Order number: SER-STARTERSIM
  • Manufacturer:Telit Communications S.p.A.
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Product Description
Technical Data
Your benefits at a glance:
  • Roaming SIM cards - As roaming SIM cards, the SIM cards generally access all available mobile networks in a country. We want to offer you maximum availability.
  • Non-steering features - The SIM cards do not use a preferred partner network for network selection, but always choose the strongest network available.
  • Connectivity Management - Includes the Connectivity Management Portal, which allows you to easily manage your SIM activities from anywhere.
  • Validity - Can also be used during the test phase in Europe or worldwide.
  • Form factor - No matter which SIM type you need, we offer the whole spectrum: Standard-SIM (2FF), Mirco-SIM (3FF), Nano-SIM (4FF) and Embedded-SIM (MFF2)
  • Support - We provide world-class 24/7 support
No setup costs (free trial)
Up to 5 SMS
Up to 10 MB
Full-access to all features and resources:
    E-portal Access
    Access to VAS
    Basic VPN Access
Up to 90 days trial
Seamless transition to a paid subscription (keep all your data & credentials)
Full scalability when you are ready to go
Product type Sim Card
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