Sensor Mesh


Edge computing

Round-Gateway provides a powerful ARMbased Linux platform for running edge compute applications. Developers can easily deploy and execute Python, Node.js, native GCC and other compiled applications. Round-Gateway provides 16 GB of storage and it can be further extended via USB.

The Round-Gateway supports a variety of wired and wireless connections, can be integrated into any cloud platform, is scalable, and runs edge computing.

For mesh networks

When there is a need for high density of connected devices, a mesh network is the perfect solution for connectivity. Round-Gateway comes with preloaded support for Wirepas Mesh and its hardware is ready to support Bluetooth Mesh.

Full connectivity

Round-Gateway provides a connectivity option for any deployment from wired Ethernet to wireless with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and cellular connection. Easy integration with Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services is included and with our integration service the gateway can be connected to any cloud backend.

For mesh to any cloud platform

Round-Nodes operate in a wireless mesh network for easy, cost efficient deployment and continuous monitoring of tens or hundreds of machines. Nodes send data directly or via other nodes to Gateways that connect the mesh to any cloud platform over wired or wireless network.

Configurable to any need

Round-Node can measure acceleration and temperature on configurable intervals or on request. Node can send raw acceleration data for post-processing in the cloud or it can perform mathematical calculations already on the edge and provide per axis RMS, Kurtosis and FFT (1Hz/bin).

Abnormal vibrations or high temperatures give early signs of machine failure due component imbalance, misalignment, wear or improper use of equipment.

Those can be now effortlessly identified without manual measurements or expensive wired equipment to increase machine uptime and extend mean time between failures.

Round-Node is a wireless battery-operated condition monitoring device that measures tri-axial vibration and surface temperature of rotating equipment, such as pumps, motors and compressors.

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