LoRa® IoT platform and Bluetooth 4.2 Low Energy®, NFC and LoRa® plug-and-play module

Integrating unlicensed LPWAN to your IoT solution is simplified with the use of our certified combo module, RE866. The module’s open protocol and unique combination of long range LoRa® communication with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), NFC for simple pairing, make it perfect for sensor-heavy applications such as smart metering, industrial automation, alarm systems, agriculture, street lightning, asset tracking, and smart cities.

This RE866 provides ultra-low power consumption with an outstanding range and a secured, powerful solution with flexibility for designers looking or for standalone solutions or for combo solution to enable remote BLE management and configuration via PC or mobile or handling a subnetwork of connected BLE sensors.

Development Kit

Telit’s RE866 developer kits enables rapid prototyping of customer’s own firmware: solutions are based on a simple and powerful scripting language, Lua, or using silicon vendor SDK for C++ development.

Evaluation Kit

The evaluation kits RE866 are available to support Telit customers to evaluate and implement LoRa®, Bluetooth and NFC modules in their application.

  • Standalone LoRa® IoTplatform ( Lua) or LoRa®, Bluetooth and NFC solution for hosted applications
  • Bluetooth v4.2 qualified module
  • LoRa® Alliance 1.02 certified module
  • RED certified module
  • Best of its class range performance
  • AES-128 security and optional Embedded Secured Element for future uses
  • Ultra-low power usage schemes – Allows years of use on a single battery
  • Programmable Output Power: Low Power and PA boost chains
  • Integrated antenna for BLE, External antenna for SUB-GHz
  • Industrial Temperature
  • Upgradable firmware – Prepare for the future with access to feature and security updates.

Firmware Versions

LoRa®, Bluetooth 4.2 Low Energy® and NFC

  • On-board LoRaWAN™ protocol stack: 1.02, class A/C with optional features
  • Terminal I/O Profile ( BLE SPP-like) central and peripheral support for fast and easy data exchange
  • LE Secure Connection with 128bit AES encryption
  • Host access to up to 4 concurrent connections
  • Host access to generic GATT client for data exchange with third party devices
  • Host access to BT scanning functionality for implementing location based services (RSSI based)
  • Support for OTA Firmware update
  • iOS and Android sample application available in source code
  • Generic GATT Client or Server Implementation
  • Terminal I/O and Automation I/O Sample code for iOS and Android
  • NFC Support for secure simple pairing
  • Over the air compatible with Telit Bluetooth Low energy module BlueMod+S42
  • Low power UART

LoRa® IoT Platform with LUA Scripting for host-less applications

  • Designed for host-less battery driven operations
  • Based on Lua 5.3.5 powerful scripting language
  • Powerful Cortex M4F MCU
  • Up to 100kB of FLASH and 20kB of RAM are available to implement and run custom scripts
  • Simple development of scripts as text files, no complex toolchain needed
  • On-board LoRaWAN™ protocol stack: 1.02, class A/C.
  • Script access to the same AT command set that is available in hosted firmware versions
  • Script access to Optional DR, Optional Channels , Programmable Output power
  • Script access to external sensors via TWI ( I²C ) and 1*12bit ADC inputs
  • Script access to up to 4 fully configurable GPIOs and UART
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