Telit Development Kit BlueMod +S50 +AM
Telit Development Kit BlueMod +S50 +AM

Telit Development Kit BlueMod +S50 +AM

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  • Manufacturer:Telit Communications S.p.A.
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Product Description
Technical Data
The BlueMod+S50 is a next generation Bluetooth single mode module based on the nRF52 Nordic chipset. It is designed for smartphone connectivity and cable replacement applications with low energy consumption.
The BlueMod+S50 supports the Terminal I/O profile as well as most GATT based profiles.
Kategorie Module
Frequenz Bluetooth
Product type Bluetooth/WiFi EVK
Frequenz Bluetooth
Wireless Technologies Bluetooth
Module BlueMod +S50
Family Format BlueMod
Dimension (mm) (WxL) 17x10
Dimension (mm) (height) 2.6
Operating Temperature -40°C to +85°C
Features Module with Antenna
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