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Narrowband IoT (NB IoT) - Telit / Round Solutions modulesTelit narrowband modules

In this section we show you the new LTE Narrowband IoT (CAT NB IoT also called CAT NB1) modules as well as the CATM1 modules. Since 2003 Round Solutions is a certified partner of Telit und thus, have become experts of their modules. At Round Solutions, we design and develop IoT Devices. We made it our number one priority to deliver the best outcome for our customers and give them the best advice concerning your IoT Projects. Our experts are happy to answer your questions and to help you choosing the right module that suits your needs best.
As a system intergrator, service provider and supplier for IoT we support you in finding the right IoT solution for your company. It is our goal to pave the way for you in this fast growing field of digitalization.
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The ME910C1 is provided with the NB1- and CATM1 - technology as well as the 2G - technology.
In case the Narrowband isn't available in your region, you can still enjoy full reception thanks to the 2G network.
Thus, the module can be used all over the world.
It has an extremely low power consumption and a wide coverage.

CAT-NB1 & CATM1 modules are compliant with the latest 3GPP Release 13

The new modules come with the latest Narrowband Technology (NB IoT) and provide a better machine-type communication (eMTC). The module families listed below are specifically tailored for IoT applications with a minimum of power usage and an ultra wide ranged coverage. That's what makes them the perfect solution for steady and mobile use.
Comparing the LTE Cat M1 and the LTE Cat NB1 technologies with each other.

PCB of the wireless sensor gateway with NB-IoT-module on it

Picture: Sensor Gateway with NB-IoT module


xE910 Family
The modules of the popular xE910-Family have the most versatile form factor and are best used for applications like machine2cloud, sensor2cloud, medical devices and telematics. They provide comprehensive connectivity functions in a compact LGA form factor. With the xE910 you can draft your cellular products at any place with just one reference design and launch it.

Module  Technology Measures Regions Store
ME910C1 CAT NB1 / CAT M1 / 2G
 28,2mm x 28,2mm GLOBAL iconmonstr-shopping-cart-23
 28,2mm x 28,2mm EMEA iconmonstr-shopping-cart-23


xL865 Family
The flexible framework of the xL865-Family is ideal for applications in sensor2cloud, machine2cloud, medical equipment as well as in tracking/trace devises. The solid VQFN housing supports embedded SIM-Chip as an installation option and is the perfect solution for long-lasting and robust designs.

Module  Technology Measuires Regions Store
 24,4mm x 24,4mm EMEA, APAC
 24,4mm x 24,4mm GLOBAL iconmonstr-shopping-cart-23


xE866 Family
Designing devices that require a minimum of space with a great scope of application (e.g. wearables, telematics, healthcare), the xE866 provides a reliable outcome in a small 400-mm2-LGA-form factor. The integration becomes easier, the less power a product requires. All modules of the family are not only ideal for new designs but also provide a perfect path of migration for existing GPRS or CDMA devices. 

Module  Technology Measures Regions Store
ME866A1 CAT M1  25mm x 15mm NA available soon
NE866B1 CAT NB1/M1
 19mm x 15mm  EMEA, APAC iconmonstr-shopping-cart-23


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