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As a longtime Telit Partner, we offer the widest portfolio of certified and compatible 4G LTE cellular modules. These modules operate within the 4G / LTE standard and enable connectivity in a variety of market segments, including energy, transportation, smart buildings, manufacturing, retail, routers, gateways, and more.

Perfect fit: Choose the 4G LTE module that has the right form factor for your application

Telit's 4G modules are divided into several form factors or product families that have a uniform size and pinout. Here you will find the suitable LTE module.


xE910 Family
The xE910 series modules are designed for applications and devices that require high throughput and coverage worldwide, as well as for applications such as telematics and video surveillance. With optimized power consumption and improved coverage, the module offers an excellent solution for stationary and mobile applications, such as consumption measurements. In addition to VoLTE support, the LE910 Cat.1 series can be interchanged with other xE910 family modules. Cat-M1 devices specified in released version 13 of the 36PP standard are specifically tailored for IoT applications.

Module  Technology Measures Regions  Store
LE910 LTE Cat 1  28,2 x 28,2 mm NA, EMEA, SV, JN, SVL iconmonstr-shopping-cart-23
LE910 V2 LTE Cat  4
 28,2 x 28,2 mm NA, EMEA, SV, AU iconmonstr-shopping-cart-23
ME910C1 LTE Cat 1 M1
 28,2 x 28,2 mm NA, NV
NE910C1 Cat NB1
 28,2 x 28,2 mm EMEA iconmonstr-shopping-cart-23


xE866 Family
With a single mechanical and electrical form factor, xE866 Cat. 1 module the intelligent connection solution for compact small products. The LE866 is therefore perfect for applications such as wearables.

Module  Technology Measures Regions Store
LE866 LTE Cat 1  15 x 25 mm NA, APAC
NE866 Cat NB1
15 x 19 mm


LE922 Familie
The secure 4G LTE922 module with 3G fallback is particularly reliable for devices that require high performance, such as broadband gateways. The module easily integrates with multiple interface options in a popular LGA form factor and provides enhanced connectivity with carrier aggregation and MIMO.

Module  Technology Measures Regions Store
LE922A6-E2 LTE Cat 6 40 x 34 mm NA, EMEA available soon
LE922A6-A1 LTE Cat 6
40 x 34 mm EMEA iconmonstr-shopping-cart-23
LE922A6-E1 LTE Cat 6
40 x 34 mm EMEA iconmonstr-shopping-cart-23


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