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Since 2002 we've been partnering with the IoT supplier Telit and have sold more than one million modules. The compatible 3G HSPA+ cellular modules support networks with long established technologies like UMTS/HSPA and enable connectivitiy throughout the world. These modules are particularly designed for high data rate applications. We are happy to help you choosing the right module for your IoT solution.

Find your best 3G/UMTS HSPA+ module for your application:

The 3G/UMTS HSPA+ modules by Telit all have the same size and pinout. They come in different product families:


xE910 Family
For applications requiring a high data rate and global coverage the modules of the xE910 family are ideal. The HE910 modules provide a 3G solution and launch the first and smallest hepta-band HSPA+ Land-Grid-Array (LGA). The HE910 product family offers functions like HSDPA 21.0 Mbps (Cat 14) download speed, HSUPA 5.7 Mbps (Cat 6) upload speed and achieve the greatest possible data throughput. Based on HSPA technology, the xE910 family also offers a variety of 3G modules from the UE910 series.

Module  Technology Measures Regions Store
 28,2 x 28,2 mm EMEA, NA, AU, APAC, Latin America, Korea
 28,2 x 28,2 mm EMEA,NA, AU, APAC, Latin America, Korea


xL865 Family
The xL865 series offers plenty of UMTS / HSPA variants that are tailored for european and north american markets. It provides a UMTS / HSPA 3GPP Release 7 data communication and has a high speed USB 2.0-Port, eight I / O-Ports, two A / D- and one D / A converter.

Module  Technology Measures Regions  Store
 24,4 x 24,4 mm EMEA, NA, AU, APAC, Latin America, Korea


xE866 Family
The UE866 is the smallest module within Telit's 3G portfolio and designed for small and compact products. The dual band UMTS / HSPA is based on the latest 3G Core of the market and allows integrators even for long cycle applications to count on availability. These modules are recommended for new designs that don't need 2G networks anymore. They can be integrated along with Telit's GNSS modules.

Module  Technology Measures Regions  Store
 25 x 15 mm EMEA, NA, APAC, Africa


The HE922-3GR module is one of the world's first hybrid IoT modules that unite 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GNSS in one module. This is ideal for IoT applications in the fields of medicine, logistics and smart home. The HE922-3GR module is equipped with the HSPA+ technology.

Module  Technology Measures Regions  Store
HE922 - 3GR Hybrid 3G + Non-cellular System-on-Module  40 x 34 mm NA, EMEA, APAC


If you need any help choosing the right modules please contact us:

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