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The 2G mobile network is the most widely used mobile standard in the world. The GSM / 2G is standardly used as a mobile network in many countries and offers a low-cost alternative for low data volumes. Telit's certified 2G modules are equipped with GSM and GPRS technology to simplify your IoT development.

Choose from a variety of certified 2G GSM / GPRS modules:

Telit's 2G / GPRS modules are uniform in size and pin-compatible within the product family, which greatly simplifies the updating process of existing designs.


xE910 Family
The GE910 is a 2.5G cellular module that is compatible with the HSPA and EV-DO products of the xE910 family. The GE910 modules make it possible to use applications within the module with Python Script Interpreter, making it one of the smallest platforms for IoT solutions. The modules of the xE910 family are pin-compatible with the LTE, HSPA, GPRS, CDMA and EVDO modules and can be upgraded to 3G and 4G.

Module  Technology Measures Regions  Store
 28,2 x 28,2 mm EMEA, NA, Latin America, AU, APAC,


xL865 Family
The GL865 module is the smallest GMS / GPRS Leadless Chip Carrier (LCC) module on the market. Its ultra-compact package allows integration into very small devices and is the perfect platform for high-volume M2M applications. The new V3 variant is equipped with VQFN packaging and pad-level compatibility. This allows easy transition to the widely used GL865 DUAL / QUAD. The GL865-QUAD module has the same features as its companion module, the GL865-DUAL, but includes all 4 GSM bands for global applications.

Module  Technology Measures Regions Store
 24,4 x 24,4 mm EMEA, NA, Latin America, AU, APAC,


xE866 Family
With a single mechanical and electrical form factor, the xE866 modules provide reliable performance for devices that require as little footprint as possible for a variety of applications (wearables, telematics and healthcare). The GE866-QUAD is the miniature generation in Telit's 2G module portfolio and is the smallest GSM / GPRS module on the market. It is a quad-band 850/900/1800 / 1900MHz GSM / GPRS communications product based on the latest 2G core of the market, allowing integrators to plan availability even for the longest lifecycle applications.

Module  Technology Measures Regions Store
 19 x 15 mm EMEA, NA, Latin America, APAC, Australia


GE864/GE865 Series
The new GE865 family of products represents the smallest GSM / GPRS Ball Grid Array (BGA) modules on the market. The small size of the BGA enclosure for the GE865-QUAD enables the design of extremely compact applications and is critical for applications been developed. The GE864-GPS module has an integrated GPS receiver and is the smallest and most efficient GSM / GPRS M2M module. The combined solution is ideal for automotive, tracking or security positioning applications where 2G network connectivity is required.

Module  Technology Measures Regions  Store
 30 x 30 mm EMEA, NA, AU, APAC, Latin America
 22 x 22 mm EMEA,NA, AU, APAC, Latin America


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