IoT Boards/Embedded Systems

  • The expansion board adds a cellular module to the Raspberry Pi 2 and 3, establishing a wireless Internet connection via 4G/2G/3G - worldwide.

    EXT-RPI-3G-DG, Variants available

    From €112.50 * Brutto: €130.50 Article in stock
  • Pico-SensoTrack - 2G + GPS

    Pico-SensoTrack is a small, portable tracking device that can receive GPS and Glonass position data and send it to your cloud in real time via the 2G mobile network.


    €184.00 * Brutto: €213.44 Article in stock
  • Extension Board with own Microcontroller

    The Wi-Fi / Bluetooth Board is an extension of the PingPong Basisplatine and offers the possibility as an independent device.


    €79.00 * Brutto: €91.64 Article in stock
  • Extension Board with own Microcontroller

    RS485 Modbus Board Create and implement IoT and M2M applications in a very short time with the RS485 Modbus board of Round Solutions. With the flexible hardware you save development time and...


    €59.00 * Brutto: €68.44
  • The NanoTracker is a portable tracking device powered by a rechargeable battery. NanoTracker is freely configurable and can be used in various everyday situations to locate people, animals or...

    SET-NT-GE866QUD, Variants available

    From €169.00 * Brutto: €196.04
  • The Round Solutions PingPong is an embedded IoT/M2M hardware platform made for Software Developers. The platform supports extension boards that add unlimited capabilities. It can be used to easily make physical devices that connect to the web. It's literally plug, push and play.

    PCB-PP-HE910DG, Variants available

    From €193.00 * Brutto: €223.88 Article in stock
  • ISM/RF board Your ideas for IoT and M2M applications can be realized in the shortest time with the ISM/RF board from Round Solutions. Save development time and cost and be able to...

    EXT-PP-RF-915, Variants available

    €99.00 * Brutto: €114.84
  • The Industrial Wireless Modbus Gateway was specifically designed for machine communication in the industrial sector. It transfers data via Modbus RTU protocol and RS 485 interface.

    PCB-MODBUS485-GE910QUAD, Variants available

    From €94.50 * Brutto: €109.62 Article in stock
  • The SenseCeiver Wireless Sensor Gateway transmits your data via a mobile network (2G) to a device of your choice.

    PCB-SC-GE910QUD, Variants available

    From €93.10 * Brutto: €108.00
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