Modems und Gateways

  • Depending on your SenseCeiver version, you connect your device via 4-20mA, I / Os or via UART to you sensors and machines. The SenseCeiver sends the data via 2G, 3G or 4G directly into the cloud with the supplied sim card. The SenseCeiver is freely programmable and you can customize the cloud easily.

    TER-SC-2G-GE910QUD-U, Variants available

    From €149.00 * Brutto: €177.31
  • The CloudGate M2M Ethernet Gateway from Option provides competitively priced LAN to WWAN routing in a single basic unit.

    TER-CG-12016, Variants available

    From €239.00 * Brutto: €284.41 Article in stock
  • The AarLogic Modem RS232 is a complete Cellular Terminal solution for 2G/3G/4G applications. Based on Telit xE910 module.

    TER-GX910, Variants available

    From €124.00 * Brutto: €147.56 Article in stock
  • The mobile router TER-EZ910_V4 is a complete 3G or 4G Cellular Router solution (with GPS) connected to Raspberry PI B+.

    TER-EZ910_V4, Variants available

    From €339.00 * Brutto: €403.41 Article in stock
  • With Telit Connectivity SIM Card, Telit Portal cloud access 30 days free, antennas and interface cables

    Create and implement IoT and M2M applications fast with the PingPong Industrial Machinery Gateway of Round Solutions. It requires minimal configuration and is perfectly suitable for applications where wireless data transmission of industrial machines is needed.


    €389.00 * Brutto: €462.91 Article in stock
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