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  • Dieses programmierbare (App Zone C Linux) RS232 Modem mit Selbsdiagnose für Hardware und Software Fehlererkennung versetzt Sie in kurzer Zeit in die Lage Ihre Daten über die bereitgestellt Mobilfunknetzte zu übertragen.

    TER-RS232-ME910WW, Variants available

    From €176.60 * Brutto: €210.15 Article in stock
  • RJ45 / flexible interfaces

    The CloudGate M2M Ethernet Gateway from Option provides competitively priced LAN to WWAN routing in a single basic unit.


    From €355.00 * Brutto: €422.45
  • Simply connect your devices via UART! The SenseCeiver UART sends the data of your connected devices directly to the cloud via LTE Cat NB1, LTE Cat M1, 4G, 3G or 2G. The IoT Gateway is freely programmable and you can easily customize the cloud to your needs.

    TER-SC-UART-LE910EUV2, Variants available

    €199.00 * Brutto: €236.81
  • 4G|NB1|M1|3G|2G|GPS|4-20mA|I/O|

    SenseCeiver 4-20mA exchanges data with industrial 4-20mA-enabled sensors and enables real-time transmission to the cloud. Depending on the variant, data is transmitted via mobile radio via LTE...


    €249.00 * Brutto: €296.31
  • The Industrial Wireless Modbus Gateway was specifically designed for machine communication in the industrial sector. It transfers data via Modbus RTU protocol and RS 485 interface.

    TER-MODBUS485-LE910EUV2, Variants available

    From €119.00 * Brutto: €141.61 Article in stock
  • The SenseCeiver Wireless Sensor Gateway transmits your data via a mobile network (2G) to a device of your choice.

    TER-SC420II-LE910C1-EU, Variants available

    €249.00 * Brutto: €296.31
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