SenseCeiver UART - Wireless IoT Gateway for UART Applications
SenseCeiver UART - Wireless IoT Gateway for UART Applications

SenseCeiver UART - Wireless IoT Gateway for UART Applications


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  • Manufacturer:Round Solutions
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SenseCeiver UART exchanges data with other devices or UART-enabled sensors and enables real-time transmission to the cloud. Depending on the variant, data is transmitted via mobile radio via LTE Cat NB1, LTE Cat M1, LTE 4G, 3G or 2G.
SenseCeiver UART can be configured quickly and easily and is freely programmable via the supplied Python SDK and Telit App-Zone C.
Using energy-efficient components, this easy-to-use, intuitive sensor gateway achieves very low power consumption and can even be battery/solar powered.
For applications in the medical industry, SenseCeiver UART is ideally suited to transmit data such as blood pressure or heart rate in real time.
Key Benefits
•      Quick and easy configuration of when and how often UART data is sent over NB1/M1/4G/3G/2G mobile networks
•      Data transfer via SMS, e-mail or directly into a cloud application
•      Python SDK and AppZone C enable user-defined modification
•      Optional interval transmission (monitoring) or transmission if critical value is exceeded (alarm)
No suitable interface for your application? No problem!
If desired, your SenseCeiver can be expanded with additional functions such as GPS/Glonass, WiFi or Bluetooth.
The SenseCeiver offers a variety of innovative applications. Here are the three most common applications that show how the SenseCeiver can be used:
Remote monitoring - The SenseCeiver can be configured to provide periodic updates via cloud, e-mail or SMS. It is ideal for remote monitoring and sensor-to-cloud applications.
 The device can transmit sensor data at preset intervals - e.g. a few seconds, every 5 minutes, every hour or once a day - and enables reliable, easy-to-use remote monitoring in real-time.
Event triggered message - SenseCeiver can be configured to send an emergency or alarm by e-mail and SMS when it detects abnormal measurements or activities. It can be used to measure air pressure,
 temperature levels, movement and all other data measured by sensors with 4-20mA industrial current loops.
OEM Integration - The SenseCeiver board can be integrated into sensor housings by OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) to create a wireless sensor product.
  • Medical Applications -  The SenseCeiver can transfer data like blood pressure or heart rate in real time.
Kategorie IoT Device
Frequenz 2G, 3G, 4G, CAT M1, Fallback 2G and 3G, GPRS, GPS, NB1
Product type Gateway
Frequenz 2G, 3G, 4G, CAT M1, Fallback 2G and 3G, GPRS, GPS, NB1
ISM Remarks False
DVB-T Remarks 0
Category Gateway
Product Family SenseCeiver
Voltage Supply 5-28V DC
Housing Yes
Module GE910-QUD, LE910-EU-V2
Wireless Technologies 2G, 3G, 4G, CAT M1, Fallback 2G and 3G, GPRS, GPS, NB1
Frequency Bands (MHz) 1800, 2100, 2600, 800, 900
Height (mm) 27
Dimension (mm) 75x50
Microcontroller PIC18LF46K22
Interfaces UART
Script C, Python
Memory 1MB Flash, 1MB RAM
Upload up to 50Mbps
Download up to 150Mbps
Antenna Connectors internal U.fl
Operating Temperature -40°C to +85°C
Certification CE, IP53
General Information 1x UART, Micro USB


Cel: U.FL

LTE Cellular Embedded Antenna for 4G SenseCeiver For Antenna Diversity only in combination with ANT-LXP5717-UFL


Cel: U.FL

LTE Cellular Embedded Antenna


USB-Kabel, 1000

USB 2.0 Micro cable, USB-A connector to Micro USB-B connector,1000mm, supports USB Version 1.1 and 2.0, shielded flexible, black


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