NanoTracker - World's Smallest GPS & 3G Tracking Device (Europe)
NanoTracker - World's Smallest GPS & 3G Tracking Device (Europe)

NanoTracker - World's Smallest GPS & 3G Tracking Device (Europe)

NanoTracker - 3G for EMEA/APAC + GPS

  • Order number: PCB-NT-UE866EU
  • Manufacturer:Round Solutions
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Product Description
Technical Data
Scope of Delivery
The NanoTracker is a portable tracking device powered by a rechargeable battery. NanoTracker is freely configurable and can be used in various everyday situations to locate people, animals or objects by GPS.
The small tracking device can be carried comfortably in the pocket, on a keyring or on the dog collar and has various alarm functions depending on the programming:
  • 'Panic-Button' for an emergency call in dangerous situations
  • 'Geofencing' for alarming when leaving a defined geographic zone
  • 'Wellness' function, which can be detected by an accelerometer if the device is not moved for a certain period of time and sends an emergency call.
The NanoTracker uses a SIRF 4 GPS chipset and an IoT Cellular module from Telit, which uses the 2G, 3G or 4G standard depending on the version.
With a 350mAH battery, NanoTracker can deliver up to 4 working days. Batteries and other recommended accessories can be found in the 'Accessories' tab.
Furthermore, the device has an accelerometer to detect a movement stop, in order to put the modem and the GPS module into the sleep mode to conserve battery. The battery can be charged via a USB interface.
The data are sent in freely definable intervals via HTTP. The NanoTracker can be fully configured and diagnosed via USB or SMS.
At the customer's request, RoundSolutions can expand the NanoTracker and adapt it to project-specific requirements. If you miss a technology or function in the basic version of the NanoTracker, please write us an inquiry.
Product type Embedded Systeme
Category Embedded Systeme
Product Family Senso Tracker
Available for APAC, EMEA
Voltage Supply 3.7V
Housing optional Gehäuse
Module ORG1411, UE866-EU
Wireless Technologies 3G, Fallback 2G, GPS
Frequency Bands (MHz) 1800, 1900, 2100, 900
Height (mm) 9,7
Dimension (mm) 40,8 x 22,5
Microcontroller PIC18F46K22
Interfaces SIM Card Holder, USB
Script Python
Memory 32KB EEPROM
Download GPRS Downlink: 80Kbps, GPRS Uplink: 40Kbps
Sensitivity -163dBm
Channel 1575,42
Antenna Connectors U.fl
Antenna Connectors On-Board
Operating Temperature -40°C to +85°C
Certification CE
General Information incl. Antenna and Batterie LIPO380, USB micro B
Firmware 1.0, SoC FW: P5.5.1 (ROM 2.1)

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