World's smallest GNSS Modules


so small so light so sensitive
4x4mm 0.1g -167dBm

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GPS/GNSS modules with or without integrated antenna


Low power consumption

  • Update internal fine time, frequency, and ephemeris data
  • Detect changes in context, temp., and satellite signals.
  • Achieve state of near-continuous availability
  • Consume less battery power.

World’s smallest form factor

  • Ideal for wearables, IoT devices
  • Provide designer with exceptional flexibility
  • Simple integration to extremely small devices
  • Leaves lots of space for other components



Superb GPS/GNSS quality

  • Incorporate frequency stability
  • Enhanced signal-to-noise ratio
  • Rapid time to first fix (TTFF) < 1sec.
  • Real-time positioning in approx. 1m

Straightforward design

  • Versatile and simple integration features
  • Complete system-in-package (SiP)
  • Small surface-mount technology footprint



Ultra-sensitive solutions

  • Proprietary Noise-Free Zone System™ technology for high sensitivity and noise immunity
  • Withstand extreme and harsh environments
  • Enhanced performance worldwide

Locating, sensing and analyzing everything valuable
to your business everywhere


Hornet Series

World’s smallest GNSS receiver with an integrated antenna

The Hornet GPS/GNSS series features an integrated antenna that minimizes design resources and risks associated with antenna and GPS receiver integration and improving time-to-market.

Hornet modules maintain the world’s smallest size along with unmatched sensitivity.

  • World’s smallest footprint
  • Integrated antenna
  • Power-efficient
  • Ultra-sensitive
  • Minimum ground plan size
  • Multiple constellations



Spider Series

World’s smallest GNSS receiver

The Spider GPS/GNSS series’ small size provides the designer exceptional flexibility, substantial reductions in product size, and no-compromise performance.

Spider modules resolve the industry’s acute pain points of lack of accuracy and unreliability.

  • World’s smallest footprint
  • Minimum product size
  • Ultra-sensitive
  • Power-efficient
  • Maximal design freedom
  • Multiple constellations


About OriginGPS

OriginGPS is a world-leading company for fully-integrated, miniaturized GPS/GNSS and IoT solutions. For over a decade, our experts have been developing ultra-sensitive, reliable, high performance modules with the smallest footprint in the market. We design precise solutions to address market needs, supporting a range of verticals and multiple applications, such as smart cities, drones, asset tracking, wearables, automotive, and IoT.

OriginGPS proprietary Noise-Free Zone™ technology introduces unparalleled sensitivity and noise immunity for faster position fix and navigation stability even under challenging satellite signal conditions.


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