World's smallest, wearable GPS & GPRS Tracking Device. Powered by Round Solutions.





GPS Security Tracker

Find lost or stolen items

Mountable virtually on all objects. Easy installation on the bicycle, backpack or keychain


GPS Tracker for Persons

Track the people who are important to you

See their current location with just a click, so you don't have to worry



GPS Sports Tracker

Track your outdoor activities

Record your run, bike ride or hike and you will get a lot of detailed results, such as speed and distance

GPS Pet Tracker

Track your dog, cat, sheep or iguana

Do never again worry about your best friend when he takes an adventure trip



Automation based on GPS

Automatically switch off the lights when no one is at home

Set if-then rules and create your own applications in the cloud


How NanoTracker works

GPS / GSM Tracker Overview


NanoTracker GPS Functions


Wellness Function

Alerts you when NanoTracker does not move

NanoTracker has an integrated accelerometer, that recognizes motion and acceleration


Panic Button Function

Discretely send an emergency signal by pressing the button

Trigger a silent alarm with only one grab in your pocket and help comes immediately



Notification when leaving or entering certain zones

Get notified when NanoTracker is not where he should be

Technical Features

Small and convenient
With only 60 x 33 x 13mm, NanoTracker is the perfect everyday companion and fits in any pocket.

Long battery life
Under normal operating conditions the 350mAh battery provides up to 4 days. Just load the battery and it's good to go.

Always network coverage
The standard version of the Nano Trackers has a 2G module and sends the data reliably and quickly via GPRS to the cloud.
Optionally, the NanoTracker is available with 3G or even 4G technology.

High GPS accuracy down to 2.5m
The installed GPS module uses SiRFStarIV™ technology and enables even indoor tracking, thanks to its Ultra-High Sensitivity up to -163dBm.

More great features

  • Accelerometer for motion detection
  • A small button to send an emergency signal
  • Pleasant housing design - Can be worn as a necklace


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