LTE Bands Explained

LTE Bands Explained

The Basics About Worldwide LTE Bands
Not all LTE bands are built alike. If you have a phone incompatible with the LTE band of a country that you’re traveling to, you’ll be unable to use it, so it’s important to understand where different wireless bands are used. In this article, we’ll take a quick look at some of the most popular LTE bands, and list the countries where they’re used.



LTE 700 (B12/13) is an LTE band primarily used in the United States and is used by the companies in the following regions:

Northern Mariana Islands


LTE 700 (B28) is a fairly unused standard, mainly gaining popularity in some parts of Asia, and in Australia and surrounding territories, including:

Australia New Zealand Papua New Guinea
Japan Panama Taiwan




LTE 800 (B20) is a band popular throughout western and eastern Europe, and in selected Middle Eastern and African countries. A full list of countries using this standard can be found here.



LTE 850 (B5) is a band 5 LTE standard used in many countries around the world, including:

Australia Indonesia Philippines
Belize Jamaica South Korea
Guatemala Cambodia USA
India Pakistan  



LTE 900 (B8) is primarily used in Sweden and Southeast Asia. Here is a list of countries supporting this standard:

Hong Kong Sweden South Korea
Indonesia Singapore Taiwan
Japan Slovenia Czech Republic


LTE AWS 1700 (B4) is an Advanced Wireless Services frequency used in the following countries:

Antigua & Barbuda Guam Peru
Argentinia Honduras Puerto Rico
Bolivia Canada Uruguay
Chile Columbia USA
Dom. Republic Mexico Virgin Islands
Dominica Nicaragua Venezuela
Ecuador Paraguay  



LTE 1800 (B3) is one of the most popular LTE bands outside of the US, currently in use by over one hundred separate countries, and thousands of wireless carriers – too many to list here.

Its success can be attributed to being the first standardized LTE band supported by iPhones, and widespread adoption of this standard soon followed.

LTE 1900 (B2) band is a Personal Communication Services 1900 Mhz band used in the following countries:

Belize Guatemala Peru
Dom. Republic Mexico Uruguay
Ecuador Panama USA
Guam Paraguay  



LTE 2100 (B1) is mainly used in the following countries:

Australia Poland South Korea
Estonia Saudi Arabia Tajikistan
Japan South Africa Thailand
Philippines Sudan Czech Republic


LTE 2600 (B7) can be thought of as the advanced counterpart to LTE 1800 – it operates on the 2600Mhz wavelength, and again, it has achieved widespread success outside of the United States as part of the LTE-Advanced Cat 6 communications package.
Here is a full list of the countries using LTE 2600 (B7) connectivity.



Conclusion - Check your IoT Device!
It’s easier than it ever has been to stay connected while traveling abroad. Every country on earth has some kind of cell-phone network coverage, so chances are you’ll be able to swap your SIM card, and connect to the local network.

However, not every country uses the same network bands, which can cause issues on your phone. Check your IoT device which bands can be used in the current country – maybe there is a global coverage.

Simply entering your phone will allow you to find compatible carriers in your destination country, making it an invaluable tool for world travelers.

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