Smart home

Today worldwide arise new, decentralized business models which focus on the intelligent, networked and safe house. Whether intelligent energy management or self-generation of energy, smart security concepts, an efficient use of water, gas and other consumer goods, new models for home care or targeted support individual lifestyles - Smart home will become a stage in the next few years for the innovative potential of the Internet of Things. The networking and communication of the necessary equipment, counters, sensors, or power generation plants, as well as their control over web-based platforms and mobile applications requires a sophisticated infrastructure and a comprehensive know-how in the field of M2M and cloud technologies.

You are looking for a technology partner in the design and implementation of your Smart home vision?


Heating Control

In winter the heater is turned up all the way and in summer it is always turned off. Especially in Germany temperature fluctuations occur at which the heater is turned off in winter and on in summer which resolves in higher costs. The solution: Smart wall and radiator thermostats, which can be controlled from your phone on the go. The heating regulators begin heating as soon as a resident approaches the house and turns off if nobody is in the house.


IoT Devices

Wide range of industrial Modems and Gateways: Narrowband IoT (NB1,M1), 4G LTE, 3G, 2G, Tracking Devices, ISM & RFID Devices


There are many possible applications for security and surveillance. Do you know if somebody is breaking into your house, the kids arrived well at home, or the grandmother is still in bed at 12 o’clock? Get alarmed when the basement is running full of water. Furthermore, many different safety sensors such as motion detectors, fire detectors, water sensors, door and window contacts or surveillance cameras can be individually integrated into a smart home system.


The smallest GPS GSM Tracker

We consult you about your individual Tracking Devices.





Trendy at the moment - smart household components that do almost everything on their own and offer individual service. This way the vacuum takes care of cleaning while you are shopping, the washing machine can easily be switched on and off from work, or you can be fully automatically be woken up by the smell of fresh coffee in the morning – the possibilities are endless.


IoT Cloud

Stay connected and organize your applications fast and easily.
Our Cloud Services support your IoT-Projekt.


Mood swings are influenced by different light rhythms. To escape, for example, the dark clouds in winter, which may reduce the mood, the light atmosphere should be adapted to the personal daily routine.


Development Services

Our experts develop your individual and efficient IoT Solution.
Take a look at our wide ranged services.


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