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io-key Remote monitoring, made easy.
The simplest way to view your sensor data online.


io-key with 6000 sensors from over 200 manufacturers in less than 1 minute in our cloud.

Real Plug & Play: The all-in-one solution with IO-Link gateway & cloud access.




  • Genuine Plug & Play thanks to IO-Link
  • Intelligent, IO-Link compatible IoT gateway
  • Wireless connection across Europe via NB-IoT
  • Your sensor data online in 20 seconds
  • Manufacturer-independent compatibility with over 6000 sensors
  • Administer your own dashboards and functions
  • Sensor data flat rate
  • Europe's first IoT flat rate
  • 100% transparent + full cost control

Discover the easiest way to display sensor data online...


Waterproof and dustproof
with IP65 rating


24 V DC, M12











SIM card onboard
wireless connection across Europe
via NB-IoT + 2G

2 x M12 IO-Link port for
Plug & Play commissioning

At present, it is very complicated and relatively expensive to monitor sensor data or implement smaller applications. Depending on the implementation, components costing many hundreds of euros may have to be procured.

In addition, know-how in the fields of electronics, PLC programming and IT is required. Not to mention the running costs and the administrative overheads. This means that the costs can easily climb to several thousand euros – and even a relatively simple task such as displaying a sensor value online requires complex implementation.

io-key was developed out of our motivation to do something about this. It represents a good-value option for transmitting sensor data as simply as possible into the cloud, thereby making them available in the internet. The io-key is a gateway that uses IO-Link technology in order to implement the Plug & Play function, enabling very easy commissioning of sensors with IO-Link technology.

The sensor data that are gathered are transmitted into a cloud storage area automatically, where they can be viewed on a customer-specific dashboard.


See your sensor data in the cloud in just 3 simple steps.

Convince yourself of genuine Plug & Play.


Step 1


Connect io-key to power supply



Step 2


Connect IO-Link sensor


Step 3


 Cloud registration

Start your IoT project now with io-key!

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