GPS & GSM Solutions

At Round Solutions, we offer a variety of GPS & GSM tracking solutions. We work with prestigious B2B companies to provide the tools you need for a GPS human tracking system, for keeping track of a car, bicycle, or commercial vehicle, and more.

Despite their small size, our trackers are powerful and astoundingly accurate. They’re suitable for a wide range of both commercial and consumer applications, including tracking pets and livestock, tracking children or employees, or keeping tabs on a vehicle’s location.

Our Plug & Play Solutions are Ready to Go

We offer a range of plug and play solutions that are ready for use as soon as they arrive. Our devices are equipped with an impressively long battery life, and can be charged using a simple USB connection.

Our most recent innovation is the NanoTracker, the world’s smallest GPS tracking device. Fully configurable and customizable, it comes equipped with a panic button, geofencing alarm system, and a “Wellness” function that uses the device’s accelerometer to detect a lack of movement. It can send out a GSM/GPS emergency call when it detects that someone may be injured or in danger. This powerful GSM/GPS mini tracker can be placed almost anywhere, including inside clothing, to track workers, seniors, or anyone else.


We also manufacture the PingPong advanced tracking device, which is a terminal modem with GPS, GLONASS, and Galileo positioning technology. It can determine the coordinates of other devices, transferring that information via GMS network. This powerful GSM/GPS locator can store records and measurements, so that if a connection is lost, it will send the data as soon as the connection is restored.

The GPS & GSM Applications are Almost Endless

There are many potential applications for consumer, commercial, and industrial use of our GPS and GSM tracking devices, including:

  • GSM/GPS locator for vehicles or workers

  • GSM/GPS logger

  • Personal position tracker for ensuring worker safety in potentially hazardous work environments

  • GSM/GPS dog collar for a dog tracker

  • Implementing a human tracking system for workers in factories, mining facilities, and other environments

  • Sending out a GSM/GPS emergency call if the device detects a potential injury

  • GSM/GPS pet tracker for cats or for commercial livestock

  • GSM/GPS wristband or clothing items


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