GPS & GSM Antennae

When multiple frequencies are required for transmissions, GSM/GPS antenna solutions are available to meet your needs. At Round Solutions, we offer a wide range of GPS and GSM combination antennas ideal for a variety of commercial and consumer applications. When space is at a premium, these antennae provide optimal performance in a tiny package, and can greatly reduce your overall installation costs.

Combination Antennae for Active and Passive GPS

Combination antennas are available for both active GPS and passive GPS. With active GPS solutions, you can view tracking data in real time, ideal for tracking vehicles and other objects that are constantly in motion. External GPS antennas can minimize signal loss while a vehicle is in motion, as well as providing coverage in conditions including heavy tree cover in rural areas and in “urban canyons” between tall buildings.

Using a low noise amplifier (LNA), active GPS antennas minimize signal loss, providing great reception in even the most challenging conditions. Our combination antennas receive not only GPS signals, but also GSM and other means of determining.

Our range of GPS and GSM combi antenna products are available in a variety of shapes and types, including:

  • Stubby Antenna

  • Embedded Antenna

  • Inside glass Antenna

  • Puck antenna

  • Stationary antenna

  • Flat antenna

  • yagi antenna

  • Shark antenna

  • Marine antenna

  • Railway antenna

Our antennae are suitable for a range of consumer and commercial vehicular applications, from truck and van fleets to yachts, commercial ships, and trains.

Finding the Right Solution for Your Needs


At Round Solutions, we work with our customers to help them find the right GPS and GSM tracking solutions. From antennae and plug and play tracking devices, to GPS/GSM modules and custom hardware and software development, we deliver the right solutions for even the most specialized use cases.

To find out more, browse our extensive selection of GPS/GSM antennae and other products, or contact us any time for consultation about your needs.

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