The Importance of Sensor2Cloud Data

The Importance of Sensor2Cloud Data

The modern Internet of Things (IoT) doesn’t exist without the cloud. By providing a powerful, remote storage and computing solution, cloud computing has enabled the existence of small, power-light sensor devices that can collect data, and transmit it over mobile networks for collection, analysis, and storage.

Sending data from the sensor to cloud is the best way to take advantage of modern sensor solutions such as the SenseCeiver Wireless Sensor Gateway. Let’s examine the importance of sensor to cloud data now, and examine how IoT-powered sensors can help empower your business, and enhance connectivity.


Sensor-To-Cloud Data Provides A Holistic, Top-Level View
By transmitting data from a sensor such as the SenseCeiver directly to a cloud-based server architecture, it’s easy to collect the data from dozens – or even hundreds – of IoT devices, and gain a quick, top-level view of data that’s critical to your company.

For example, if you run a refrigeration storage company, you could implement multiple sensor-to-cloud devices in warehouses and trucks all throughout your operating region. Because these devices send data from the sensor directly to the cloud, they offer a near-instant, real-time view of the performance of your refrigeration systems – which could allow you to improve temperature control, and reduce the instances of system failure.


Example of Usage: garbage collection

Sensor-To-Cloud Devices Require Minimal Power To Function
Unlike devices which may analyze data on their own, and send it directly to computers or smartphones, modern IoT sensor to cloud devices like the SenseCeiver require very little power. They only do one thing – they collect data and send it through a wireless network to be analyzed.

Because these sensors do not need much computing power, they consume very little power, especially when using modern LTE IoT narrowband technologies. This means that a sensor to cloud system can be powered by a small solar panel outdoors – or even function for weeks or months on end using only a small lithium-ion battery.

This makes ruggedized IoT sensors from Round Solutions the perfect choice for extreme environments. Able to function without external power for long periods of time, and resistant to both heat and cold, sensor to cloud systems can be used for mining, prospecting, excavating, and much more.


Sensor-To-Cloud Devices Are Affordable
The final reason sensor to cloud devices are important is because they’re budget friendly. Cloud computing is cheaper than ever, and because sensor to cloud devices like the SenseCeiver are built for simplicity and durability, they’re definitely a great investment.

So take advantage of the Internet of Things, and the powerful performance and analytics capabilities offered by sensor2cloud data collection. Take a look at the SenseCeiver and several other Round Solutions products now, and get in touch with us if you have any questions!


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