Round Solutions at embedded world 2016

Round Solutions at embedded world 2016

Embedded world Exhibition & Conference is held every year in Nuremberg, Germany. Embedded World 2016 will be from 23rd to 25th of February. This international Exhibition & Conference offers the embedded community the opportunity to get information about new products and innovations. Not only that you can get information there, you can get a chance for making a new business relations. Last year new record is set - over 25.500 visitors gathered information from 902 exhibitors at embedded world. As part of the fair was Round Solutions, at their booth were presented new ideas and what they offer. On the booth you could get to know people who work for Round Solutions. They provided news, services and products in hardware and software development, IoT & M2M Cloud platforms. Round Solutions provides products in few sections: Terminal-Modems, IoT Modules, Antennas, Cables & Connectors and Farsens Tag.

Highlighted products for the fair 2016 will be:

  • PingPong IoT Development Board
  • MicroTracker - World's smallest GPS Tracker
  • PingPong Advanced Tracking Device
  • PingPong Industrial Machinery

At the focus is PingPong board with his flexibility. PingPong connects devices to share and gather information over Internet of Things (IoT). The board can be easily extended with Extension boards. The device is based on Plug, Push and Play. To PingPong’s IoT Cloud platform can be accessed from any device that has Internet connection. You can choose between RTOS and Linux version. The RTOS is programmed with C/C++, while Linux version provides more functionality for demanding tasks. Both versions are running on world’s fastest 32-bit microcontroller by Microchip. Quick Start Kit has optional access to the cloud platform and related Telit IoT SIM card. PingPong can be used for sensor reading, consumer goods, security surveillance, automotive industry and more.

More PingPong description can be found here.

MicroTracker is a small device with wide range of applications. The device is so small that it could be placed within clothing for personal security. The device features a panic button for emergency situation. It uses Quad band GPRS modem/SIRF 4 GPS chipset. MicroTracker establishes connection over 2G and GPS. In normal working conditions, the battery can last up to 24h before a recharge. It can be used for tracking, movement detection…

Highlighted services for the fair 2016 will be:

  • Rapid Design
  • Rapid Prototyping

Along with the products, Round Solutions is planning to present their Services which include Rapid Design and Rapid Prototyping. Rapid Design is for fast and high quality Hardware & Software Development, decreasing development costs compared to a new project development. Rapid Prototyping is for making new prototypes fast and reliable. Round Solutions has over 10 years experience in wireless and M2M development. You can find out more about Round Solutions in “About us” section.


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