Octa-Band Embedded Cellular LTE Antenna

Octa-Band Embedded Cellular LTE Antenna

The new Ethertronics Prestta series of Isolated Magnetic Dipole embedded antennas deliver high performance, while the size and emissions are reduced. Pressta antennas have a wide range of applications, for example:

  • M2M
  • Automotive
  • Automatic Meter Reading
  • Healthcare
  • Point of Sale

Isolated Magnetic Dipole (IMD) antenna technology provides superior Radio Frequency field containment, which for result has less interaction with surrounding components. Regardless of the usage position, Ethertronics IMD antennas resist de-tuning. To provide high performance they use patented IMD technology in a stamped metal configuration. Prestta antennas reduce costs and time-to-market. They have greater flexibility with unique form factors, because they deliver more advanced ergonomic design without adverse impact on product performance. The SMD mountable design is providing faster and lower cost manufacturing. Antennas are fully compliant with the European RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC. With better antenna function they deliver longer range and greater sensitivity to critically precise signals. Because they are smaller, they can be integrated in more places than the standard antennas.
IMD was compared with a commonly used embedded technology called PIFA. In both examples, the antennas were mounted on a circuit board and excited by current. Red areas are with strong and damaging electrical current flows. When components like camera module or shield would be put there, they will reduce antenna performance. Blue areas are “cool” and when other components come there, the effect of the components would be minimal.
The PIFA technology has bigger red areas due to strong current flows which are radiating out onto the board. In that case, the antenna loses more energy, which for result has less efficiency. But IMD’s unique, patented shape has a different result. The current is confined to the antenna element that reduces energy loss due to interference with surrounding components. This improves performance in every aspect, stabilizes antenna tuning and delivers a much more efficient antenna.


One of the Prestta series is the Standard Octa-Band Cellular Embedded Antenna. On the range of 700 - 960 MHz the average efficiency on longer edge is 74 %, while the average efficiency on shorter edge is 67 %. The second range measurement is from 1710 – 2700 MHz, the average efficiency on the longer edge was 58 % and on the shorter edge was 63 %. The polarization of this antenna is linear. The radiation pattern is omnidirectional and the antenna uses 2 Watt CW. The Octa-Band Cellular Embedded Antenna is really small with its dimensions 53.6 x 25.1 x 1.25 mm and is fitting anywhere. The connector is U.fl compatible and the cable diameter is 1.13 mm with 25 mm cable length.

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