How You Can Make Sure Your Internet of Things Project Succeed – Our Top Tips

How You Can Make Sure Your Internet of Things Project Succeed – Our Top Tips

A survey released by Cisco has shown that nearly three-quarters of IoT projects are failing to live up to expectations. Nearly 60% of all IoT projects begin to meet shortfalls in the Proof of Concept (PoC) stage, and many companies are struggling to exit from IoT pilot programs, and begin using their technology in a more widespread manner.

Despite these statistics, there’s no need to worry. If you partner with the right company for IoT and are prepared for the top challenges of an IoT project, you’ll be able to set reasonable expectations – and make sure that your project is an unqualified success. Get more information now.


Be Ready For These Five Challenges

This Cisco study revealed that there were five major challenges which presented themselves to companies who were interested in using IoT technology, as follows:

  1. Time to completion – If an IoT project takes too long to complete, its usefulness could be limited – and you may not get the data and information that you need, to gain a competitive edge.
  1. Limited internal expertise – Most companies do not have a team of IoT experts on staff, leading to issues when planning for roadblocks and difficulties when executing an IoT project.
  1. Low quality of data – If the data collected by an IoT system is inappropriate or low-quality, the system may not be worth the investment.
  1. Poor integration across teams – If your teams – including external and internal resources – do not work closely together, your IoT project will struggle to get off the ground.
  1. Budget overruns – If you do not consult with an experienced IoT company for a reasonable cost estimate of your project, you could end up facing serious budget overruns – and you may have no way to pay for these additional costs.


Prepare To Build Strategic Partnerships – Don’t Go It Alone!

So, how can you avoid these above problems? You should be prepared to work with a variety of different strategic partners for your IoT initiative.

According to the above study from Cisco, around 60% of surveyed executives said that while IoT looks good on paper, the projects prove to be more difficult than initially expected.

In addition, the study revealed that the companies with a successful IoT initiative were the ones that used ecosystem partnerships – and worked with developers, hardware companies, and other IoT partners throughout the entire process of implementing an IoT process.

Turning to an outside company can help you smooth out the learning curve of IoT, and get the resources to get around roadblocks or potential obstacles during your IoT deployment.

So, the first thing you should do is begin by listing the strategic partners who can help you through every phase of your project – from planning your rollout, to executing the project and analyzing data after the project has been completed. Doing so will help ensure the success of your IoT project.


Round Solutions – End-To-End IoT Consulting

If you’re thinking about investing in an IoT platform for your company, you’re making a great choice. But to make sure that your investment pays off, and that your project is successful, you should consult with an experienced IoT company like Round Solutions.

We offer true, end-to-end consulting. We can help with:

  • Project conception and consulting – We can listen to your project, and suggest the products, software, hardware, and technology required to help you meet your organizational goals – and ensure that your project is realistic and achievable given your current budget and time-frame.
  • IoT Hardware And Software Design – We manufacture IoT hardware, and we can develop custom products and software using a huge variety of technologies – from NB1, to M1, 2G, 3G and 4G, GPS, WiFi, and Bluetooth. We can help you design every part of your IoT solution, and ensure that it’s customized perfectly for your project.
  • Connectivity And Setup – We can help with the setup of your IoT project, including SIM management, implementation of enterprise management systems and cloud solutions, and more – ensuring you have help through every step of the process.


Contact Us Today To Get Started!

By partnering with Round Solutions for your IoT project, you’ll be able to ensure your success – and avoid the common issues that cause delays and issues with IoT.
So don’t wait. Contact Round Solutions now to see how we can help throughout the entire IoT design, development, and implementation process!

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