Could March 14th be a real Turning Point for your Business?

Could March 14th be a real Turning Point for your Business?

We have some exciting news for you, but we’ll get to that in a second.
Wow. Wasn't 2016 a real adventure? And 2017 is already looking even more exciting for us at Round Solutions.

The New Year brings change and new challenges. Some of us vow to diet, some plan to exercise more and others are desperate to break bad habits… (for anyone else who’s a bit too obsessed with Haribo Gold Bears, we are too!) 

So within this backdrop of an evolving horizon we're thrilled to announce the launch of some amazing IoT hardware with embedded FW platforms this year. Our most awesome unveilings yet.

We all know that the Internet of Things becomes much more efficient by the simultaneous use of different technologies. Of this, we have truly become skilled masters. And we will be thrilled to see your reaction when we officially announce our latest product for retrieving sensor data and positioning.

If we've got your attention, then make a note of March 14-16th and join the Round Solutions Community at the Embedded World Tradeshow in Nuremberg, Germany.

We're very excited about introducing these new offerings for the first time especially knowing that they'll also add immense value to your own products, designs & inventions. Could this be a turning point for you and your business?

And before you move on to your next mail, remember to look out for a big announcement from us concerning the RaspberryPie platform. Coming soon...

Here’s to an achievement-rich 2017. Yours and Ours.

Wishing you - Every Success,
The Round Solutions Team

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