CloudGate Gateway

CloudGate Gateway

Round Solutions provides a CloudGate device which delivers a faster, richer and smoother wireless internet experience. CloudGate provides investment protection for evolving business needs. There are several CloudGate devices and two starter kits. For whichever you decide, every CloudGate is simple to configure locally or to access remotely from a PC, tablet or smartphone. CloudGate has two hardware expansion slots that expand CloudGate with additional radio and/or wired interface. The expansion slots are easy and quick to install, expanding CloudGate when it is needed and how it is needed. The automated cloud provisioning system can be set with its own custom configuration and image, which are automatically loaded from the cloud when it is connected to the internet for the first time. The standard compliance is ROHS and Reach. CloudGate can work on temperature from -30° to +70°C and from 5% to 95% of humidity. Every CloudGate has seven 3 color LEDs which show system status and signal strength.
CloudGate is reliable and secure, it resolves common problems which are associated with wireless M2M connectivity. Integrated Software and Hardware are continuously monitoring components of the product and its connection to home servers. If there is an issue detected, the product takes steps to re-establish connectivity. CloudGate protects all software and configuration images with digital signatures and they have dual rollback images that allow the product to back-up to previous working settings if an issue is detected. Management functions are protected with security mechanisms like certificate and/or passCloudGate LTE are equipped with features like ignition sensing & timed wake-up, expanded RAM, Flash and an SD memory slot. The ignition sensing & timed wake-up is ideal for telematics and solar applications. With more RAM, Flash or memory, CloudGate is great for running more complex applications.
CloudGate M2M is certified on all major US cellular operators (CDMA/EvDO and WCDMA/HSPA+). They provide GPS functionality at lower cost LAN to WWAN routing in a single unit.
CloudGate can be operational in just three steps. First you need to define start-up configuration on CloudGate provisioning server. Second, its configuration and any custom middleware are installed automatically from internet. And third, the device is ready to connect things to the Cloud.

Options of CloudGate:

  • Option CloudGate M2M LTE Gateway with 4G, Passive GPS and RJ45.
  • Option CloudGate M2M Ethernet Gateway with RJ45.
  • Option CloudGate M2M HSPA+ Gateway with 3G, Passive GPS and RJ45.
  • Option CloudGate M2M CDMA Gateway with CDMA, 3G, Passive GPS and RJ45.
  • Option CloudGate Japan HSPA+ Gateway with 3G, Passive GPS and RJ45.
  • Option CloudGate M2M HSPA+ Gateway with 3G, Active GPS and RJ45.
  • Option CloudGate M2M LTE Gateway with 4G, Active GPS and RJ45.

Every option has flexible interfaces, microSD card reader for additional storage and SIM class B & class C. Maximum connection speed for LTE is 100Mbps down and 50Mbps, while for 3G/2G is 42Mbps down and 11.5Mbps up.
*Just Option CloudGate M2M Ethernet Gateway and Option CloudGate M2M HSPA+ Gateway have FCC, IC and PTCRB Certification, all others have CE, FCC, IC and PTCRB Certification.

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