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IIoT deviceWISE

Developed & manufactured by Round Solutions in Germany




IIot deviceWISE Gateway

The IIoT deviceWISE Gateway is the essential component within your individual all-in-one solution. It works with a software that communicates with machines in your company, organizes and stores data and sends them to a cloud or an enterprise system. With this wireless Gateway, thanks to the innovative deviceWISE Workbench, you can configurate your projects in a way, it best suits your needs. Thus, the development of your special applications will be fast and simple.




IoT - Solutions

► The IIoT deviceWISE Gateway connects your Hardware A with a cloud
or B with an Enterprise System

► Compatibility with all established operating systems

► Transfer of data in two directions

► Applicable on all industrial PLC devices

► Standardized protocols → no custom coding required

► Communicates in the native language of your PLC

► Sends only data that are relevant to you → significant low latency

► Sends data triggered by events → minimizes data bandwidth and reduces cost of deployment

► OPC compatible

► Reduced data throughput → less computing power required

► Data transfer via NB1, M1, 4G, 3G, 2G

Your Benefits using the IIoT deviceWISE Gateway


Time efficiency

► Ca. 60% of the time you're spending on a project is dedicated to connect a machine with an enterprise system
→ with our "Out of the Box" - connectivity the implementation will be much more expedited.

► Fast and easy configuration: You design your individual
M2M - Solution simply by Drag 'n' Drop.


Userfriendly Interface

 ► The userfriendly Interface allows you to implement your individual application on your own.

► Your project does not depend on a software developer.

► Uncomplicated configuration of Trigger- and Monitoring - features.

Easy Drag 'n' Drop - applications, no programming and coding needed.



Productivity Increase

 ► Enhance your Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and other KPIs.

 ► Learn from the data in the past to find sources of errors and reduce and prevent downtime
→ preventive/predictive maintenance.

 ► Receive a ticket in your enterprise system if a critical value has been reached or exceeded.

 ►Optimize your corporate processes.

Custom Made

►We offer solutions that are perfectly fitted for your individual needs.

►By request we can further equip the IIoT deviceWISE Gateway with additional interfaces such as WiFi and Bluetooth via UART and features like GPS and Glonass.


Delivery Contents


Our offer for your All-in-One Solution includes:

► The IIoT Gateway with the deviceWISE Software

► Standardized and ready-to-go protocols for a variety of PLC - Devices

► IoT - Cloud

► Sim - Card

Options of Deployment




Transfer of intervals for Monitoring

The IIoT deviceWISE Gateway can be configured in a way, that it sends data updates regularly via E-mail or SMS. It's ideal for remote monitoring and Data-to-Cloud applications. The device sends updates in pre-set intervals - a few seconds, every 5 minutes, once an hour or once a day, thus enabling a reliable remote monitoring in real time.


Triggers an alarm

The IIoT deviceWISE Gateway can send an alarm via E-Mail or SMS if it recognizes abnormal activities or data. It sends a ticket to your enterprise system if a critical value has been exceeded.



The Gateway board can be integrated in specialised products by OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers), thus complementing the board with a powerful communication and network functionality.

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