Origin 4572-R02 GPS,Glonass Modul
Origin 4572-R02 GPS,Glonass Modul

Origin 4572-R02 GPS,Glonass Modul

Firmware 1.0, SoC FW: P5.5.1 (16M-Bit Flash)

  • Artikel-Nr.:MOD-NXX-CSS1145-72-R02
  • Hersteller:OriginGPS Ltd.
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Technische Daten
GNSS Module (GPS+GLONASS Simultaneously), 7mm x 7mm
Small size, High Performance, Fully-Integrated
Multi Spider (ORG4572) is a fully-integrated, highly-sensitive GNSS module.
Designed to support ultra-compact applications such as smart watches, wearable devices, trackers and digital cameras, Multi Spider is a miniature GNSS receiver that continuously tracks all satellites in view, providing real-time positioning data in standard NMEA format.
Fully integrated in a small form factor
Measuring only 7x7mm, the Spider is a fully integrated GNSS module. Unlike GNSS modules of similar size, it includes LNA, SAW Filter, TCXO and RTC
Kategorie Module
Artikeltyp GNSS Module
Drahtlose Technologien GPS, GLONASS
Modul Origin 4572-R02
Firmware Firmware 1.0, SoC FW: P5.
Familienformat Multi Spider, OiginGPS Module, ORG4572
Oberflächenmontage SMT
Energieversorgung 1.8
Schnittstelle I2C, SPI, UART
Maße (mm) (BxL) 7x7
Maße (mm) (Höhe) 1.4
GPS Sensibilität (dBm) -163 dBm
Betriebstemperatur -40°C to +85°C
Besondere Eigenschaften Module without Antenna

Evaluation Kit Origin 4572-R02 Evaluation Kit (EVK) contains: Demo board with appropriate module USB to UART interface converter cable Disk on Key with support software and...


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