ME70-169 Wireless M-Bus
ME70-169 Wireless M-Bus

ME70-169 Wireless M-Bus

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  • Artikel-Nr.:MOD-IXX-B169-ME70-SMD/WA
  • Hersteller:Telit Communications S.p.A.
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Technische Daten
   Tx power up to 1W with sensitivity up to -119 dBm
   Power consumption of less than 1.5 μA in sleep mode with an RTC clock running
   Pin to Pin compatible with other Wireless M-BUS products (ME50-868) and with ZE51/61 (Zigbee PRO)
The Telit ME70-169 is a CE certified wireless M-Bus module compliant with the EN13757 part 4 2013 wireless M-Bus standard. The ME70-169 operates in the 169 MHz band and runs Wireless M-Bus N mode protocols, defined by EN13757-4 2013 for this band.
It is ideally suited for use in one or two-way data links with gas, water, heat and electricity meters and concentrators.
The ME70 family is delivered with an in-house embedded Telit Wireless M-Bus stack that allows the customer to use the modules as a simple, ready-to-use modem, using AT commands over UART.
Modules are CE certified with an LGA xE Form Factor, TTL RS232 interface and operate across the industrial temperature range.
Artikeltyp ISM Module
Drahtlose Technologien ISM
Modul ME70-169
Familienformat ME70
Frequenzbänder 169
Maße (mm) (BxL) 26x15
Maße (mm) (Höhe) 3
Besondere Eigenschaften Module without Antenna
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