Telit 3G, GPS, GLONASSModul HE922-3GR, Fallback 2G
Telit 3G, GPS, GLONASSModul HE922-3GR, Fallback 2G

Telit 3G, GPS, GLONASSModul HE922-3GR, Fallback 2G

EMEA, North America, APAC,

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  • Hersteller:Telit Communications S.p.A.
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Technische Daten
HE922-3GR allow you to add the user-friendliness of a tablet to your next Internet of things device (IoT). They are the world's first hybrid IoT modules that combine 3G Cellular, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GNSS into a single package.  The HE922-3GR and WE922-3GR smart modules are also the first to use the Intel® Atom™ x3 SoC Processor technology with a 64-bit, quad-core processing engine and comprehensive I/O resources.  With the functionality and integration resources in these compact sized modules, developers can implement a user-friendly, touch-screen equipped IoT connected device prototype in a matter of weeks.
Key Features:
   Certified modules with integrated connectivity features:
   WiFi + Bluetooth + GNSS + Optional 3G/2G Cellular
   Atom x3 Quad-Core processor
   Android / Yocto Linux for easy application development
   Easy integration to build IoT platform solutions
   Support multiple bands for a worldwide deployment
   Security features (virtualization, secure VM, secure boot)
Artikeltyp Cellular Module
Drahtlose Technologien 3G, Bluetooth, GLONASS, GPS, WiFi
Modul HE922-3GR
Familienformat xE868
Oberflächenmontage LGA
Frequenzbänder 1900, 2100, 800, 900
Data/Voice/SIM no SIM, Voice
Fallback Fallback 2G
Script v. 1.5.2+
Maße (mm) (BxL) 40x34
Maße (mm) (Höhe) 3.0
Betriebstemperatur -40°C to +85°C
Besondere Eigenschaften Fallback 2G, Module without Antenna, no SIM, Voice
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