Telit 4G Modul LE866A1-KK (~Korea Telecom), no Fallback
Telit 4G Modul LE866A1-KK (~Korea Telecom), no Fallback

Telit 4G Modul LE866A1-KK (~Korea Telecom), no Fallback


  • Artikel-Nr.:LE866A1K302T001
  • Hersteller:Telit Communications S.p.A.
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Technische Daten
Product Description
The LE866 is the smallest LTE module in the market. With its ultra compact 15 x 25 mm LGA footprint, it is designed for applications with severe space constraints, such as wearables.The LE866 is an LTE UE Category 1 device with maximum downlink data ratesof 10 Mbps and maximum uplink data ratesof 5 Mbps. LTE Cat.1 devices provide significant reductions in cost, size and power consumption compared to the traditional High Category LTE devices. These advantages make the LE866 the perfect platform to enable the quick implementation of the LTE technology in the Internet of Things, particularly in machine-to-machine (M2M), where low cost and low power are more relevant
than high speed.The LE866 Series includes several regional variants: dual band versions for deployment in the new 4G networks of Verizon Wireless in the USA, Korea Telecom and Softbank
in Japan and a tri band version for AT&T and T-Mobile in the USA. Those products are highly recommended for new designs in particular for those that need to replace old GPRS or CDMA devices to count on availability for even the longest life-cycle applications.
Key Benefits
•      Design once and deploy globally, with the swappablexE866 form factor family
•      Compact LGA package is ideally suited for low profile integrated solutions, limited real estate application boards, reducing cost in high-volume applications, as well as saving space and weight in portable devices
•      Perfect platform for regional M2Mapplications such as smart metering, security & surveillance, point of sales, health monitoring, fleet management, asset tracking and wearable devices
Artikeltyp Cellular Module
Drahtlose Technologien 4G
Modul LE866A1-KK
Familienformat xE866
Oberflächenmontage LGA
Frequenzbänder 1800, 900
Data/Voice/SIM no SIM, Voice
Region KOREA
Energieversorgung 3.8
Fallback no Fallback
Operator Korea Telecom
Schnittstelle 1.8 V SIM, 2 UART, I/O, I2C, USB 2.0 HS
Script non
Maße (mm) (BxL) 15x25
Maße (mm) (Höhe) 2.2
Download 10 Mbps
Upload 5 Mpbs
Zertifikation KC, KT
Betriebstemperatur -40°C to +85°C
Besondere Eigenschaften Module without Antenna, no Fallback, no SIM, Voice
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  • svenska +49 6102 799 28 210
  • francais +49 6102 799 28 105