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Wednesday, November 22nd 2017, 11:48am

Flash module using XFP

Hi forum.
I try to reflash our GL865-DUAL by using Xfp and a proper bin file. Between PC and board is a FTDI cable TTL-232R-3V3 and a level converter board.
Xfp is not able to connect to the modem (the design works in every other aspect), and I am convinced that one initial handshake signal may be missing, but I don't know which one.
Telit reference manual* gives no help here, it says in short "insert cable and press OK".

I saw a couple of threads regarding reprogramming but RS staff referenced to a thread link that only gave "404", or to a web page that describes the existence of RTS and CTS.

Some years ago the forum switched platform, and after that all old links to threads are dead, so a lot of accumulated knowledge is thereby lost.

*) "Telit GSM/GPRS Family Software User Guide
1vv0300784 rev.6 2010-10-04 " for example.

After googling and jumping in and out of the forum I get the impression that reflashing is done through SER2. Is this correct?
The manual mentions chips of "type CC" which I thought didn't apply to me. But maybe it does.


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