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Friday, August 11th 2017, 1:00pm

FAQ english

14.08.2017 Vers. 1.1.04

SenseCeiver Questions &

What is SenseCeiver?

a. The SenseCeiver
Industrial Wireless Sensor Gateway is a device from Round Solutions that can be
used to transmit sensor data wirelessly over the mobile network to a cloud.
SenseCeiver has an interface for 4-20mA industrial sensors via analog and
digital inputs, a UART interface and a USB interface.


Hhhow do I configure SenseCeiver?

a. SenseCeiver can be configured via USB or
SMS. We recommend to use our free RSterm software for configuration.
Instructions for the software can be found in the manual under the item
"RSTerm - Terminal Software"

3. What parameters can I configure?
For the Version running the Python script, the following can be

1- APN
2- Username
3- Password
4- Sleep Time
5- Email notification
6- Email Username
7- Email Password
8- Email To
10-SMTP Port
11-SMS Alerts
12-SMS Notification Number
13-Cloud Platform

For the version running the AppZone C application:
1- APN
2- Username
3- Password
4- Tx Interval
5-SMS Alerts
6-SMS Notification Number

4. Where are the sensor data stored?
The data are saved in the Telit Cloud (IoT Portal) and can be retrieved from you here.

5. How much cost the SenseCeiver?
a. The prices can be found in our online shop

to the SenseCeiver 2G…art-i/os-4-20ma

to the SenseCeiver 3G…art-i/os-4-20ma

to the SenseCeiver 4G…art-i/os-4-20ma

6. Can also use an external antenna?
SenseCeiver can also be used with an external antenna.

7. How long can SenseCeiver be operated with
one battery?

This depends on many factors like the sensor power, signal strength ,
Transmit interval, Transmission duration, etc…

We recommend using Sealed Lead Acid battery with Nominal voltage of 12V.
The battery life time can be calculator by averaging the current
consumed during data upload to 340mA.

8. What sensors can I connect to the SenseCeiver?
a. You can connect any sensor that has a 4-20mA output.
In addition, you can connect sensors via analog and digital inputs, via the UART interface, or via the USB interface

9. Does my sensor require an external power supply?
a. Yes. When the sensor is powered, the power output can be controlled by the open-drain MOSFET output on the SenseCeiver.

10. Can I use a 0-20mA sensor via the 4-20mA interface?
a. Yes, that is possible.
SIM Cards
1. What is the cost of the included SIM card?
a. The supplied SIM card is a starter SIM for test purposes. You can use the SIM card for 6 months, or until the data volume of 10MB is used up. There are no additional costs.
b. If you need a higher data volume or a longer period of time to test, the Round Solutions card can be converted to a data plan that meets your needs.
2. How long can I use the SIM card, or how much data volume is available to me?
a. You can use the SIM card for 6 months, or until the data volume of 10MB is used up.
3. Can I use another SIM card?
a. You can also use another SIM card. It is important to ensure that you connect the SIM card to the cloud in order to use it. You should change the APN, the user name and the password.
4. What is the cost of the cloud access?
a. You get a free test access to the cloud. In this account, you can add up to ten devices without incurring additional costs.
5. Can I use another cloud?
a. Of course you can use a different cloud. In order to connect the SenseCeiver to a cloud, programming skills are necessary to make the API settings on the SenseCeiver.
6. How many devices can I connect to the cloud?
a. You can connect thousands of your devices to the cloud. With the free test account, you can connect up to 10 devices to the cloud.
7. Which mobile radio frequency bands uses the SenseCeiver?
a. The 2G version uses the following
frequency bands:

2G 850MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz und 1900MHz
b. The 3G version uses the following
frequency bands:

3G 800MHz, 850MHz, 900MHz und 2100MHz.
2G 850MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz und 1900MHz
c. The 5G version uses the following
frequency bands:

4G 800 (B20), 900 (B8),
1800 (B3), 2100 (B1), 2600 (B7)

3G 900 (B8), 2100 (B1)
2G 900 (B8), 1800 (B2)
8. In which countries can I put the SenseCeiver Kit into operation?
a. The 2G version is suitable for global use
b. The 3G version can be used in Europe-Arabia-Africa (EMEA), Asia-Pacific (APAC) and Latin America (LATAM).
a. The 4G version can be used in Europe.
b. If your planned countries of operation are not listed, please do not hesitate to contact us. We have the possibility to create variants with different application countries.

Datasheet and other Dokuments you will find within the Downloads…ay_DE_v1.03.pdf

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