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Wednesday, June 29th 2005, 7:23am

The right Swiching regulator ?

If I remember right, then there was written, that the inductor has to be placed far away from the sense pin of the regulator. If it is to close, then the electromagetic field will load energy to the pin.


Wednesday, June 29th 2005, 11:24am

The right Swiching regulator ?

Hello Harald,

Im not sure about the inductor and the sense pin but I meant about the inductor distance with the input/output capacitors and also that the output capacitor needs to be close to the ICs ground thus reducing the circulating path. In a maxims document I read that the inductor needs to be close to the ICs LX pin.

Keep well.





Wednesday, June 29th 2005, 12:51pm

The right Swiching regulator ?

Nick, I have used National and not Maxim.


Tuesday, October 25th 2005, 2:41pm

The right Swiching regulator ?

can someone give me the library for the lm2676.
I don`t have this package :-(

Cosmin Buhu



Tuesday, October 25th 2005, 8:45pm

The right Swiching regulator ?

For what software?


Thursday, October 27th 2005, 6:37pm

The right Swiching regulator ?

For Eagle....
but I have already made it by my own :-)


Friday, October 28th 2005, 2:37am

The right Swiching regulator ?

I`ve designed round a MAX1745 as it has a nice low quiescent current and sensible input supply range.



Monday, March 13th 2006, 10:24pm

The right Swiching regulator ?

what about using the LM1086 ? 1.5A voltage regulator with max Vin 29V.

Cosmin Buhu



Tuesday, March 14th 2006, 7:55am

The right Swiching regulator ?

1.5A is not enough.


Tuesday, March 14th 2006, 3:17pm

The right Swiching regulator ?

The LM1086 will work here even though the part is rated at 1.5A because 1.5A is the continuous rating which is more than enough. So with proper reservoir capacitors across the module it will work fine; as the capacitors, if properly selected, will handle the peaks of ~2A.


Tuesday, March 21st 2006, 11:24pm

The right Swiching regulator ?

thanks for your answer edd :)
I`ll try it in my proto board


Thursday, August 17th 2006, 3:33pm

The right Swiching regulator ?

what about LM1085? 3 A voltage regulator with max Vin 30 V




Sunday, February 4th 2007, 4:21pm

Posting by electronikos at:

are you sure about L5973D?

Thanks guys for your help!!!

Just for the information i want to tell you that i will use LM25576 switching regulator with input voltage 6-42V, 3A,operating frequency 15kHz-1MHz adjustable with just one resistor and price about $2,30.
It is really simple with few components needs and with a nice and easy online calculator for any project from National Semiconductors.

If you like take a look in:

if you have any comments please reply!!!

Thanks again!!!


Saturday, March 3rd 2007, 6:14pm

I use switching regulator BD9778HFP.
Maximum output current - 2A
Maximum power dissipation - 5.5W
Supply voltage VIN - 5 to 35V
Output voltage - 1 to VIN V
Reference voltage precision- ±2%
Operating temperature -40 to +125 ºC
Operating frequency - 50 to 500kHz
Oscillation mode- Self oscillation
Package- HRP7

The power design is shown in the attachment (5V).
The output voltage is changed by R3/R6 divider.
The IC price is equal to 0.66euros.
BD9778HFP is recommended for powering Sony Ericsson M2M GSM Modules.
miletiev has attached the following image:
  • ROHM_BD9778HFP_5V.gif




Saturday, March 3rd 2007, 7:21pm

Hi miletiev,
Many thanks for the details.
Please feel free to ask for a bigger package of our popular sweets and a free of charge bundle of selected GSM and GPS antennas by your next order with Round Solutions.


Thursday, October 25th 2007, 10:19am

Power supply.

Hi all.
I have made a little excel file for calculating different values regarding to input/output parameters of a power supply.
This is used for MC34063 and/or uA78S40 manufactured by ON Semiconductor.
The worksheet it's locked and the only values that can be changed are the first set(input/output params). The unlock password is "roundsolutions", this is if u wanna change the formulas. These ICs are very cheap.
Myself I'm gonna use this solution for "charge" input because MC34063 has a current limiter that can be set up via a external resistor.
tavioman has attached the following file:
  • (27.75 kB - 276 times downloaded - latest: Apr 12th 2018, 1:18am)


Tuesday, October 30th 2007, 5:08pm

Hello .
I' thinking about using the Regulator LM25576, but i have a question about its design. When you start your design in the page web:, the value of Iout have to be 2A ?, because in the electrical specification about GM862-GPS , it support a current max of 2A, is that correct?
this value of Iout is correct for my design?

Thank in advance.




Tuesday, October 30th 2007, 8:14pm

No double postings please. Thank you in advance.


Friday, May 16th 2008, 7:42am

LT3685-based GM862 supply

Here is a schematic of an LT3685 (very small) switching regulator @ 800kHz @ 3.8V, as well as the transient response, which looks pretty good...
hostman has attached the following images:
  • 3_8_supply_layout.jpg
  • 3_8_supply_response.jpg

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