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Fixed IP Addresses for GPRS / UMTS applications


m2m data communication via GPRS offers many benefits. In comparison to alternative transmission methods m2m data communication via GPRS is often less expensive, provides better transmission rates and is able to establish a connection within a very short space of time. (Currently only available in Germany!).


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Until very recently m2m communication via GPRS was, however, only possible in a single direction – a mobile terminal could establish a connection to a control centre but it was very difficult to achieve the reverse connection. Communication from mobile terminal to mobile terminal in the past was also hardly feasible. Thanks to the mdex fixed.IP service this will not be a problem in future.














We assign every one of your process computers with its own fixed IP address. Any and all GPRS- or UMTS-enabled end terminals can be used for this purpose. It is possible to contact all terminals at any time via Internet or GPRS using these fixed IP addresses.

The related GPRS costs that are charged by the operators depend on the data volume and frequency of transmission. To use the mdex fixed.IP service we recommend selecting a mobile telephone network data tariff. Please note in this regard that some tariff options round up data volumes which might influence the over all data usage.

Application examples:

  • Real time remote monitoring of, for e.g. solar or wind energy units.
  • Frequent low data volume exchanges, e.g. for weather stations.
  • Remote control of systems.
  • Traffic control systems with both bidirectional communication and from unit to unit.
  • Simple data communication with electricity meters, cash points, GPS modules and many other objects.


Customer benefits:

  • Universal: Any GPRS/ UMTS-enabled end terminal can be used, no special solution necessary.
  • Secure: Firewall function provides protection from external manipulation by unauthorised users.
  • Versatile: All mobile end terminals in your system can now also communicate with each other via GPRS.
  • Cost effective: Makes it possible to take advantage of network operators’ low cost GPRS volume tariffs (with mobile phone network costs under 10 EUR / month).
  • Simple: Your Web server (in the remote station) can be connected to a standard GPRS radio modem, making it possible to establish a connection from any Internet portal.
  • Flexible: Repeat order / Order cancellation of additional connections for your system are possible at any time via our portal.
  • Independent: Suitable for both D1 and D2 network SIM cards.
  • International: Can also be used abroad insofar as a GPRS roaming agreement is in place. Please however note that your network operator will charge roaming fees Calculable: Fixed monthly basic fee for provision of your IP address.
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