HSPA+ Terminal AarLogic TER-HX910
HSPA+ Terminal AarLogic TER-HX910

HSPA+ Terminal AarLogic TER-HX910

  • Order number: TER-HX910-D
  • Manufacturer:Round Solutions
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Product Description
Technical Data
Whether at home or at work, a wireless router belongs nowadays almost to the standard. With the HSPA + terminal AarLogic TER-HX910 router with integrated modem of Round Solutions you get a high class wireless router. The SIM card is inserted directly into the router.  Connect the machine or sensors with RS232 or you can connect the GPIO's to the TER-HX910 Terminal. When connected, the router sends or receives data over mobile network. The TER-HX910 has an internal Watchdog option. When the modem turns off, the watchdog will start the modem each 30 min. Thanks to external antenna connections you can always choose the location with the best reception. The router has no battery, but for example you can provide the supply of electricity in the car or in a vending machine.
A: Bands (MHz) 1700, 1800, 1900, 2100, 800, 850, 900
A: Category Terminal
A: Dimensions (in mm) 83x64
A: Family Format xE910
A: Housing Aluminium
A: Microcontroller PIC16F1824
A: Module HE910-D
A: Operating Temperature -20°C to +55°C
A: Product Family xE910
A: Voltage Supply 6-55V DC
A: Wireless Technologies 2G, 3G
Antenna Connectors GSM: SMA/F
Interfaces 1x RS232, 1x USB, 4x GPIOs
Rundkabel, 2000


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Cel: SMA/M


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