Battery Free RFID Tags

  • UHF RFID battery-free humidity and temperature sensor

    The Hygro-Fenix-H221 is a UHF RFID battery-free humidity and temperature sensor tag. The device features a HTS221 relative humidity and temperature sensor from ST Microelectronics with a 0% to 100% humidity range and a -30°C to +85°C temperature range. The humidity and temperature sensor tag provides an accuracy of &plusm;4.5% in humidity and &plusm;0.5°C in temperature.   The tag is compatible with EPC C1G2 RFID commercial readers. No custom hardware or custom commands are required.   The Hygro-Fenix-H221 is ideal for asset and process tracking as it provides a unique identification number plus ambient humidity and temperature data of the associated sensor. It works for applications such as leather manufacturing control or plant growing in greenhouses.


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