Battery Free RFID Tags

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  • UHF RFID battery-free relay tag

    The Titan-LC3SNU is a UHF RFID battery-free relay tag. The device features an EC2-C3SNU bistatic relay from Kemet with a switching power of 60W. The switching voltages are 250 V for AC and 220 V for DC and the switching current is 2 A.   The tag is compatible with EPC C1G2 RFID commercial readers. No custom hardware or custom commands are required.   The Titan-LC3SNU is ideal for process automation. The battery-free relay device provides a unique identification number with which the reader can order the relay to open or close the circuits it is fixed to. It works for applications where open/close actions need to be taken from afar (i.e.: maintenance in high voltage areas).


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