Webinar 2G Shutdown

Mobile networks are changing and developing continuously and are becoming faster and more effective. With advanced mobile technologies such as 3G and LTE, older 2G wireless bands become obsolete. Mobile phone providers around the world are therefore resting their 2G networks - even market-leading companies such as AT&T drive down their 2G transmission towers forever.
For companies that have been using IoT and M2M technologies over the high-availability, wireless data transmission of the 2G networks for years, an adaptation to modern communication solutions is essential.


Sign up for our webinar on Tuesday September 26th in 2017 at 3:30pm and sit back! Because we bring the experts to your workplace! Together with our partner Telit, we will be pleased to introduce you to our well-founded and detailed knowledge about 2G Shutdown and the new LTE Narrowband technologies!


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