IoT Technologies


Internet of Things (IoT), Machine to machine (M2M) and Industry 4.0

Today on the market there is more and more interest in M2M, IoT and Industry 4.0. People want to track something, monitor or connect two devices so that they exchange the data. We are providing high-quality custom development for all three areas.

Direct communication between two or more devices, which can be wired or wireless, is called machine to machine or in short M2M. It is a communication without human interference in it. M2M can serve to improve production, health and efficiency.

Today, this communication is often achieved via Internet of Things (IoT). The IoT uses Internet as a connection to link smart objects and allows them to gather and/or exchange data like never before. Every object in the IoT needs a unique identifier so that they don’t get in conflict with each other, because of that, objects in IoT are gonna use Ipv6.

Industry 4.0 or the fourth industrial revolution is a number of contemporary automation, data exchange and manufacturing technologies. Cyber-physical systems are monitoring physical processes to create a virtual copy of the physical world and make decentralized decisions. They communicate over IoT and cooperate with each other and with humans in real time.





What we do:

  • (Custom) Device Development
  • Antenna Design
  • Prototyping and Feasibility Study
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Hardware Design:
    System Design
    Circuit Design
    Board Design
    High speed and multilayer PCB design
    Enclosure design coordination



Applications can be for tracking, monitoring, automation, security, industrial application and more. Our engineers will create the most suitable hardware for you.

For tracking we use Global Navigation Satellite System which can be achieved via GPS, Galileo and GLONASS. This function is more used for cars, when lost, it is much more easier to find them through GPS.

Telematics is using wireless devices to transmit data in real time back to an organisation or user. It can be used on machines where you get maintenance requirements information. With this information you are more productive and it saves you the time. We connect the devices with Cellular (2G/GPRS, 3G/UMTS/HSDPA, 4G/LTE), WiFi, Bluetooth, ISM, RFID and Satellite.

Automation or automatic control is for controlling operating equipment such as machinery or processes in factories. Big advantage is that it saves energy and labor while it improves quality, accuracy and precision. It has minimal human interference.

To cover more field with less workers we recommend monitoring. You can gather the information from the field and decide which device needs upgrade or to be repaired. With monitoring you save time for going on the field and gathering information personally.

Industrial application is for monitoring and automation devices in industry where you need minimal human factor. The benefits are that you increase productivity and quality.

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