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Our platforms for the Internet of Things are designed to help you whether you're building your first prototype or going for mass deployment. It’s so easy to scale your IoT product by using a Round Solutions IoT Platform and in addition we also provide you with connectivity SIMs if you are using a cellular device.


IoT Hardware design and Embedded Firmware Engineering

We can develop your IoT/M2M device whether it’s an industrial or wearable solution. The embedded Firmware is developed based on a wide Range of ARM and MIPS microcontrollers and usually based on RTOS or LINUX. We are a certified design Partner of Microchip and Telit.


IoT/m2m Hardware with open source Firmware

A wide selection of ready-to-use-hardware and embedded firmware for your IoT/m2m Product. We've selected the best microcontrollers and connectivity modules in the world from companies like Microchip and Telit. With our open source development kits pre-loaded and with our firmware libraries you can connect easily to the cloud.



Explore the Round Solutions shop and find thousands of components from our own production and from our long-standing and reputable partners such as Telit for building your IoT and M2M projects. Modules, Antennas, Cables, Connectors, Terminal-Modems, Gateways, SIM Cards and many more.



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